Simply Recognize Vision

How many times have you been unfairly judged just because people never knew the full story?
Personally, for me…many, many times!
It really used to upset me, until one day when God placed it on my heart to write blogs…viewing situations from another’s eyes…this is where Simply Recognize was birthed and I am trying hard everyday to draw inspirations from not only the things I face, but from things I have seen others face too.
This is where you come into the picture. I really want people to think before they speak. To see things from the way it happened to you, to get their information directly from the source- in the hopes that they would be able to understand that not everything is as it seems, and in turn they can help another person change the way they think.
You could change hearts and help others who are facing the same situations as you have, change their hearts too.
So if you feel lead to write your testimony out, please fill in the testimony form and send it back to and you will see how God works…in your life, my life and the lives of many others.
I have prayed about this and I want to encourage you to pray too before writing anything, its amazing how God will work in your life through prayer.
Thank you for taking the time to read my visions for Simply recognize and God willing I hope to hear from you soon.
Love and blessings

Testimony of Jessica Venter

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