I remember sitting in Wimpy one day with my husband and kids. My husband had gone to the toilet and my kids were playing outside on the jungle gyms. I remember witnessing two old ladies making quite a commotion by the table in front of me. I couldn’t help but notice how rude they were to their waitress, how they were complaining about their toast being white instead of brown. They really gave this waitress a hard time, I heard words come out of their mouth that I wish I hadn’t heard. Meanwhile behind me I witnessed another two young ladies also treating their waitress like rubbish. They had asked for a takeaway box and when the waitress brought it, she very politely offered to help them and they grabbed the box ever so rudely from her and spoke down on her like she was nothing. Both sets of woman left without giving the waitress a tip.

I sat there deeply saddened at what I had just seen. These two different waitresses were shown no love or respect and I had to ask myself why?

When my husband returned back to the table I told him what had happened and I expressed how appalling it was to watch these woman walk over other woman like they meant nothing in this world.

I always hear people remarking at what a beautiful place South Africa is. How beautiful our country is with magnificent landscapes, Big 5, different cultures and people. I had family visit from overseas and they couldn’t comment enough about exquisite South Africa.

I agree that we live in a stunning country and with all of the above, but that’s just the outside views. I wish people would comment on how kind South Africans were, how loving we come across, how accepting we are, how generous, how caring, my list can go on and on. These things are what makes anything beautiful. If you’re beautiful on the inside then your beauty will radiate outwards. What you put in is what you’ll get out. If you’re always negative and miserable, it will show in your life. If you’re always positive, kind and caring, well you can guess the rest.

We live in a country with many different cultures and that means we are all very different people, but one things for sure, we all pump red blood. Take the skin colour and gender away, we are the same. We all have had different upbringings that have led us to where we are. We all have different traditions that we follow, but inside, we are the same.

I love John 3 vs 16 “For God so loved the world, He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

Some keywords to point out; for God so LOVED the WORLD. Not, for God so loved certain individuals. God loves us ALL. Every single one of us, whether we believe and accept His love or not, He loves us. We need to love and accept each other.

Mark 12 vs 31 says “The second is this, love your neighbour as yourself, there is no commandment greater than these.” We need to love and accept each other. Not just our family and friends.

God created us for a purpose. When a candle maker makes a candle, it is made with the intent to make light. God has a purpose for each of us, but in the mean time, love everyone with the love of Jesus. Help anyone you can. Help a homeless person out, that doesn’t mean just giving them money, speak to them, offer them an encouraging word and pray with them. Jesus never went around handing out money during His ministry. He healed, prayed, loved and taught. We need to be disciples who make disciples. Matthew 28 vs 19 says “Therefore go out and make disciples of all nations…”

I will never know why those ladies treated the waitresses the way they did and I will never know how those waitresses truly felt but maybe you could be that light in their lives.

I don’t know what my purpose is yet but I will encourage everyone I meet to treat people with love and respect. I will encourage people to love like Jesus.