So, I could not sleep last night, I had this horrible moment in my head that was playing over and over again. You see something almost terrible happened yesterday that started off as something that I wished to get out of my head and it turned into something that taught me a lesson, I’m hoping I can help you too.

Here’s how it all started. Every morning when I say my prayers, I always ask God for travel and safety mercies, for my husband, my parents, my brothers and their wives, my loved ones, my family in general, my friends and of course for myself and my kids. I always ask God to keep everyone healthy and safe…Always!!!

Yesterday I had to drop my hubby off at work because I needed to do our monthly grocery shopping. I went about my day doing all that I needed to do. Time came to go and pick my hubby up and off we went. Before collecting him, I had to stop off at a shop close to his work, on my way back I was waiting in an intersection right outside his work. The traffic light turned red and now I was forced to go as I was already in the intersection. So, I checked to see if the coast was clear and I noticed a car coming towards me, but he had slowed down to stop as the traffic light was red, it had already turned green for the oncoming traffic, so I proceeded to turn. Next thing I know, this guy comes flying towards me, I jammed on brakes and he just kept driving, how he didn’t ride right into us I have no idea. If you know me you will know that I am a very cautious driver, especially when I have my kids around, then I’m over cautious.

I sat in that intersection, so shaken up, my son was white in his face and my daughter petrified, thank the Lord, we were able to just drive away from that.

I got to my husbands work safely. Sitting in the parking lot I kept replaying the scenario in my head, kept saying to myself I don’t know how we got out there unscathed. My hubby came to the car and I explained the situation to him and my son kept saying “thank goodness he missed us” and this got me thinking…

As I lay in bed last night I couldn’t shake that uneasy feeling in my heart, I couldn’t sleep, I just kept playing that scenario over and over in my head. You want to know what happened, a blog was born!!

‘…every morning when I say my prayers, I always ask God for travel and safety mercies,’ but do I ever say thank You God?

Do I ever say thank You God that my husband got to and from work safely?

Do I ever say thank You God for keeping all my loved ones safe?

Do I ever say thank You God for always guiding and providing for us?


When my son said, “thank goodness he missed us”, we should have said “thank You God for keeping us safe”.

When I said, “I don’t know how we got out there unscathed?” I do know, it was God because in no way possible were we supposed to make it out of that unharmed!!!


Here’s where I want to encourage you!!!

First of all, be grateful for everything in your life!

When you pray, thank God for everything that you asked Him for, just because you can’t see everything God has done for you doesn’t mean we should forget to thank Him. There is a reason you were stuck in traffic this morning and there is a reason your kids take twenty minutes to put on ‘A’ shoe…

We should be praying and worshipping God all day long, not just when we need something!!!

I saw this quote this morning, I believe with all my heart it was meant for my eyes, maybe it was meant for yours too “If you only talk to God when you need something, you don’t want a Saviour, you want a servant”.

We should be praising God all day long, people should see that we are Christ followers, we shouldn’t have to tell them.

We should live a life of constant worship. Worship wasn’t meant to be just 30 minutes on a Sunday morning in church.

I really just want to encourage you to be grateful, not just say “I’m grateful” but to actually mean it with all your heart.

God is with us always, trust me on this, because if he wasn’t, I wouldn’t be sitting here telling you how thankful to God I am.

There is a quote I always like to use, “what if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday”.