Today we were parked next to a disability parking spot. We were so lucky to find a close spot to the shops, normally we find parking on the opposite end of the parking lot. We sat in the car a while chatting after we did our shopping and next minute a car pulled up next to us into the disabled parking, I gazed over to look at the people, the gentleman who was driving was disabled, he looked to be in his mid to late thirties, his wife came around to his side with the wheel chair and for over ten minutes (not thirty seconds) he battled to get out of his car, eventually he and his wife managed to get him into the wheel chair and then his wife locked up and pushed him into the store. So, my point is, how grateful are you for your life, being able to walk, drive with ease, run to the toilet, basically anything that requires you to move around? Are you one of those who park in the disabled parking’s because its so far too walk to the shop? For one second, I would like to encourage you to put yourself in a disabled person’s shoes… How would you feel if you were unable to walk and had to park on the opposite side of the parking lot? My first child I had, I had an emergency c-section, they gave me a spinal block and If you’ve had one before you will know that you lose complete feeling from just under your breasts down, you can’t feel anything and move anything for between 1 to 3 hours. It’s a scary feeling. I just want to encourage everyone to think about others, to put yourself in their shoes, to be mindful of others, you don’t know the battles they face, the least you could do is be thoughtful!


Last week my mom and I were up and around doing our errands, whenever we stop to get our coffee my mom always looks out for this one homeless man, if he is there she always without a doubt buys him a loaf of bread. As we stopped at the robot my mom asked me to pass him the bread, without any hesitation, he opened the bread up and started eating it, dry, with nothing on it and you know what his words to us where, “Thank you so much”, not one complaint came out of his mouth, he was so grateful for the little that he got.

So, how grateful are you for the warm, wholesome meals you get to eat today? Are you going to complain because its not cooked to the way you prefer it or are you going to say, ‘thank you God for providing for me’?


Now I want to ask you, how grateful are you that you woke up today? Did you wake up in a mood, fight with your loved ones. Are you still full of nonsense? Did you use the term “I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed”?

Well I want to tell you that this morning a four-year-old little boy woke up without his mom…she died of cancer yesterday afternoon, she was a single parent and now she is gone. He woke up this morning without his mama (let that sink in for a minute). I can only tell you this because this angel who is no longer with us, was my cousins best friend…

How many other people died yesterday or even today already that you don’t know about? How many other little kids became orphans today that you don’t know about? How many other parents had to bury their child today? How many people have had to say goodbye to a loved one today?

We just don’t know, do we?

So again, I ask you, how grateful are you for waking up today?

I want to encourage you to never take anything for granted and to be grateful for every little thing that you have.


Be grateful for your job… an estimate of 15325378.4+ are currently unemployed in South Africa.

Be grateful for everything in your life because according to 827,177,161+ people are undernourished and 18000+ people have died of hunger today.


Be grateful for your life, because today and counting 22,305,590 people have died already!!!


So, how grateful are you today…and always?