Several days ago I sat completely lost. For the life of me I couldn’t find anything to blog about. My mind was busy as usual but I couldn’t focus on one thing.

I can clearly remember asking God for help; I asked God to show me what I should blog about next.  Days later I still couldn’t come up with anything but I still had this heaviness on my heart that I could not shake.

Sunday in church God answered my prayer; not even in a little way. He was revealing things to me left, right and dead ahead.

This is how it all began.

There is this elderly couple that attend church with us. When I say they are old-I really mean it. We attend a fairly huge church so I don’t really recognize a lot of people unless I have interacted with them in some way or another.  I think I have greeted this couple once and that’s it. I don’t know their names and they definitely don’t know mine, but God used them to show me something beautiful and unique yesterday.

So this elderly couple sat directly in front of me yesterday. I couldn’t help but notice how loving and kind they were. During worship they both had their arms stretched out to the Lord; now I know I wasn’t supposed to be watching them because I was supposed to be worshipping myself-just hang in there; God was using them to impact me. Just watching them during worship I got a huge lump in my throat and I had to hold back the water works. I just want to point out; we are a part of a very loud church; electric guitar, drums, the works. Normally (this is my view on this from experience with the elderly) the elderly don’t really like the upbeat and loud worship, but there they were, giving their all to God, regardless of what was happening around them.

Once the service began God pointed out again at what kind and caring people they were. The elderly lady pulled out a tiny tub of mints. Which I’m almost sure she bought with her pension money; she then offered it to her husband and told him to offer next to him; about two to three people took a mint, one of them being a first time guest at our church. He then proceeded to pass them back to his wife and she passed them down her side and another two people took. What amazed me is that they don’t have much but they shared what they had. When the elderly lady got her tiny tub back, it was almost empty; but she put it in her bag with a gentle smile on her face.

This all happened whilst I was listening to the sermon from one of the church’s pastors (yes, I can multitask-I’m a mom).

Straight after I witnessed the kind gestures happening in front of me the pastor said “Your life needs to be inspiring and impacting.”

Now that’s exactly what this elderly couple were. They were inspiring and they certainly impacted my life. The pastor then went onto saying, “If you have Christ on the inside of you, your outside will change.” This is so true because the elderly couple were the most beautiful people I had ever seen. For the first time as a Christian I saw somebody not based on the outward appearance but based on what’s inside. The last thing the pastor said was, “let me see them through YOUR eyes, Lord.”

I was looking for a huge flashing sign from God saying speak about world peace or something cliché like that, but God always knows best and he always knows how to humble me and bring me back down to Earth.

God willing, if I reach their age, I hope to be as kind and as passionate as that elderly couple. I pray I still raise my hands in worship. I pray I show kindness in every way possible and most importantly I pray God will use little ol’ me to impact someone just as I was impacted.

The last thing the Lord placed on my heart during that service was…I SIMPLY NEED TO RECOGNIZE WHATS RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME.