This year has been a hard one so far. It started off rough, I mean it was the first day of the year and my kids both landed up with stomach bugs and I was stuck with toothache. Having sick kids is hard…being in pain with your sick kids is even harder. So the first week of January didn’t really go as I had expected it too. It only got rougher from there. By the time February was drawing nearer I already felt drained, overwhelmed and so demotivated.

However in the midst of all my chaos, God found a way to speak to me. I received a message from one of the groups I belong to. I seldom go through the gazillion of messages that go around the groups but today was different. I came across a video…now I never download videos from WhatsApp groups, it takes too much of my data and I normally don’t find a chance to watch them so they just clog up my gallery. This video had nothing special about its first appearance, it wasn’t eye catching or all fancy shmancy… It didn’t have anything appealing about it at all. It was just an ordinary pass along video. Yet once I watched it a wave of inspiration and hope swept over me. It basically spoke about the process of refining silver. I became curious so I decided to research about silver and here is what I found.

Silver is rare, strong, corrosion resistant, unaffected by moisture, moldable, malleable, soft and ductile. It also has antibacterial properties and is used in certain bandages, medical equipment and medicines.

In Malachi 3 vs 3 it talks about refining silver. Refining silver is quite a process. To understand this you need to understand what the word refine means. It means to make something pure or improve something especially by removing unwanted material. Did you know that silver starts melting at about 960 degrees Celsius and it reaches its boiling point at 2162 degrees Celsius? I want you to actually think about how hot that really is.

It’s quite fascinating to know that we are referred to as silver in Malachi and God is the Silversmith. All that refining can be referred to as our tough times. When it gets rough and unbearable. When life becomes too much to handle. When things are just too chaotic and we can’t push on anymore. We need to realize that if we are referred to as silver then our boiling point can become quite unbearable.

As I mentioned before, silver is rare, strong, corrosion resistant, unaffected by moisture, moldable, malleable and ductile, yet it is considered soft.

Did you know that the word malleable means to be able to be hammered or pressed into shape without breaking or cracking? The word ductile means to be able to be stretched out without losing toughness, pliable, not brittle…

This whole time whilst I was researching about silver I realized that I focussed all my attention on the silver and all its characteristics. I never once just sat back and thought about the Silversmith. Without the Silversmith doing all the hard work…that silver is just a chunk of metal, ugly and raw.

The Silversmith saws, cuts, bends, stretches and continually hammers the silver. The Silversmith anneals the silver, refines the silver. Without the process the silver will crack and weaken. Its heavy work until the finished product, when all the hard work is done and the Silversmith can see His own reflection in His creation.

So here is a little reminder from me. When you feel like you are at your boiling point, when you feel like this is the end for you, when you feel like you just can’t go on, just hang in there. Trust God, He is working in your life. At the end of all the boiling and stretching, refining and annealing and all the hammering, you’re going to come out stronger and more beautiful than ever. Let God be the Silversmith in your life!