You know the other day I was browsing on one of those mommy groups that I’m apart of on Facebook, when I came across a rather upsetting post that caught my attention which was sent through by one mommy. This post soon caught a lot of negative attention and a load of heated debating. What started off as an innocent post by one mommy turned into a full on brawl. As I was scrolling through the war zone I came across a comment that was rather distressing. To cut a long story short, this one mom was throwing rude comments around like confetti at a wedding ceremony. Another mom quickly responded to her rude comment with saying that this rude mom is making all other Christians look bad and that’s why she is glad she is not a Christian…things only got uglier from there from both sides of the party. I physically sat there with my jaw hanging and my heart hurting.

The thing is, that mother that said she does not want to be a Christian, was actually right to think the way she did and to say what she said, if I were a non-believer and I came across a similar situation I would of definitely said what she said…to be honest!


Moving on, I saw a very controversial post that I re-posted earlier this week, it said “If a lawyer was proving in court that you were a Christian, would there be any evidence of it?”


So, how many times a day do us as Christians screw up and lose the plot completely? I mean we get upset over stupid things, we argue with each other about everything, we’re so quick to jump to conclusions, it’s so easy for us to voice ALL our negative opinions, it’s so easy for us to put each other down instead of lifting each other up…


Gay people don’t want to come to our churches for fear of being judged…

People with tattoos are too scared to step a foot in our churches because they are scared of being judged…

People who look a little different are petrified to step a foot in our churches for fear of being judged…

The less fortunate are too nervous to step a foot in our churches because they feel they won’t fit in or because they are too poor to be there…

And those who are lost and wandering around are too fearful to step a foot in our churches because of all of the above…


But wait, there’s more… unfortunately! Some Christians are too scared to step a foot in our churches for fear of being judged too!


Some Christians are so judgemental that some of us are too scared to follow our dreams because we are afraid of what they may think or say to us. We’re afraid of those controversial meetings where we are bashed for thinking differently, or we are afraid of that sermon on Sunday morning where you are the main character or we are afraid of those bible study WhatsApp Groups where we are the main topic for a Wednesday morning.


I named this blog ‘PURPOSE’ because I always get asked the question “what’s your purpose in life?” or “Have you found your purpose in life?” or “Has God revealed to you your purpose in life?” I want to tell you one thing, we all have one purpose and that is to lead the lost, the broken, the hurt…you name it, to Christ!!! How we do that, well it depends on the gift God has placed deep down in your hearts. Matthew 28 vs 19a says, “…therefore go and make disciples of ALL nations.”


Some of us are really good at reaching others by just talking to them…use that!

Some of us are good at listening…use that!

Some of us are really talented with musical instruments…use that!

Some of us are good at singing…use that!

Some of us are financially able to help others…use that!

At the end of the day we are all unique and have something that we are good at or something we can help with, just use whatever you have to lead people to Christ…USE IT!!!

I want to encourage all to quit the melodramatics, the fights and all the judgemental opinions because when someone’s life depends on it, is all the drama actually worth it? Read the whole of Colossians 3 especially vs 8! We as Christians need to step up!!!


To all the gay people, to all those with tattoos, for those of you who think you look a little different, for those of you who think you are too poor to come to church, for those of you who are Christians scarred by other Christians, I just want you to know that Jesus really loves you for exactly who you are, just as you are, He loves you so so much… It really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of you because Jesus thought you were to die for!!! I just want you all to know that there are churches out there that will love you with the love of Christ and also there are many ways to get to know who Jesus is and what real love is!


John 3 vs 16 says, “for God so loved the world, that He gave His Only Son to die for us, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.”

It doesn’t say for God so loved the Christians, it says for God so loved the world, that’s all of us!!!


God has placed so much on my heart and I am going to use it…unashamedly and without any fear of being ridiculed and being bashed!!


So whether you agree or disagree with my blog, I just want to tell you that it doesn’t matter, just focus on God and do whatever you need to do to lead the lost to Christ.