Some days I wish I could take my heart out, hold it over a piece of paper and squeeze it, maybe then I could express what I truly feel. It’s rather hard to put into words what you feel really passionate about. Today I want to give credit where credit is due and my hope is that I will awaken those who are too busy to care anymore.


I have been very fortunate to spend this week with my mother. We have done almost everything together, my kids have been able to spend all week with my mom too. As I reflect upon the past week I realize how blessed I am to have my mom in my life, I realize how blessed my kids are to have their nana in their lives.


Growing up, I spent a lot of time with my mom because she was a stay at home mom, we had tea parties, we coloured together, we played all sorts of games, we baked and cooked together. I have so many fond memories as a child with my mom. When I got to my mid-teens, I spent much less time with my mom, although I wasn’t one to go out with friends, I preferred to be alone in my room rather than spending time with her.


Later on in life I became a mom, moved out and began my own journey as a parent. I had even less time for my mom, I kind of forgot how much she meant to me, I forgot about all the times we spent together, all the memories we shared just fell away. As my children have grown I have noticed, especially with my son, that we spend less and less time together and when I look again I will be that mom yearning for a little alone time with my kids. It’s true when they say that you only really appreciate your parents when you become a parent. You only know what love is when you become a parent. There are so many ways to show love and that almost always gets ignored before you become a parent. You don’t realize all the sacrifices your parents make for you, you don’t realize all the heartaches you cause your parents, you don’t realize all the stress you put on your parents…until you become a parent and then most of the time it’s too late because you have been too busy…


I look at my precious niece and godson in their mommies arms and realise that I was holding my babies like that what feels like just the other day. Now I battle to lift any of my kids up. How I wish I could hold them like that one more time… It dawned upon me that my mom wishes the same thing, except her kids are literally all grown up. We barely make time to see her, when we do see her or spend time with her, its quick because we are busy. We get irritated quickly with them because they keep asking the same question again and again. We get annoyed with the “when I was a child, we never had that” stories that seem to never end or we pretend to be listening because we have heard these stories so many times in our lives. We literally don’t have the time of day anymore, but in twenty years or so that will be us!! Our kids will be too busy to and we will try anything to spend just a little time with them, they will probably give us grandkids and even though we will love our grandkids endlessly we will still have the pain in our heart yearning to hold our own children just one more time!!!


Mom, dad…I love you guys. I appreciate all you have done for our family. I appreciate each moment we get to spend together. I won’t miss an opportunity to spend time with you guys.


To my mom, as a mother, I know the struggles you face and I hope that I can help make it easier. Just know even though “I’m all grown up now”, I still know what your heart sounds like from the inside, I will always be your little girl and I always want to spend time with you, you’re still my super hero, my everything!!!


Here’s where I want to encourage you.


Tell your parents today, right now, that you love them, don’t wait for it to be too late and then you get to write their eulogy!!


Spend some time with your parents, have family lunches…go out together!


Go home for Christmas!!!


If your parents are far away, just give them a call every once in a while, it’ll definitely make their day.


If your parents are in old age homes, go and visit them, bring them home every now and then.


If you’re one of those busy ones, make some time for your parents, really just do it, before it’s too late and you become a parent and realize that you are now in the same boat.


Here’s some popular quotes to think about, “Love your parents, we are so busy growing up, we often forget they are also growing old.”

“Spend time with your parents, treat them well because one day when you look up from your phone [or busy life] they won’t be there anymore.”

“When spending time with your parents seems like too much effort, Remember…One day, all you’ll have is memories.”