Quite recently I decided that I was going to make kefir. If you don’t know what kefir is, its ok, neither did I until I happened to come across it whilst searching for a way to help my husband with a stomach problem he had. To cut a long story short, I bought my starter kit, followed the instructions down to the last T and 3 days later I had my first batch. I was super impressed because I normally mess things up in ways that you can’t imagine. About three weeks later I noticed that my kefir had just changed overnight. It went from creamy to very thick and it had a glue like consistency. So I decided to add my grains to a much bigger jar and I washed my grains, which is a big no-no in the kefir community. Anyway a few hours later, my huge jar was now filled with the same thing, thick glue like kefir. I was really concerned, so like any normal person would do- I took to google. I googled countless different searches trying to find an answer as to why my kefir was now different. Google couldn’t help me! So I took to YouTube in the hope that someone made a video of their kefir that looked similar to mine. I promise you that I must have watched almost every single video on kefir that I could find and still had no answers. I was so concerned that I asked my family to not consume the kefir until I could find a solution. Eventually I took to Facebook and joined a group. This morning I posted a video of my kefir and asked whether or not this was normal. Within minutes I got an answer that not only was this normal but it was considered the gold standard of kefir. I was so impressed with myself that I immediately made some chocolate milkshakes for myself and my kids and I gave my mom a call to let her know that I had made gold standard kefir without even trying to.


I know this blog looks like it’s all about the kefir…but it’s not. Bear with me.


So I went about my day like normal. Posted a pic up on my Simply Recognize Facebook page, read a few Christian blogs and next thing I knew, my inspiration for this blog was born.


How can you compare kefir to everyday life problems, well its easy, the key lies in the word compare.


I was so sure that something was wrong with my kefir that I first had to get the approval of others to see the value in it.


This is how I am in real life too, I’m sure many of you can relate as well. I’m always comparing my walk with Christ to others walk with Christ. I have a friend who is so plugged into church that when I think about it I think that I am not worthy to call myself a child of God because I don’t do the things they do. I have a friend who has their whole life worked out. House, career, family…you name it they have it. I always say to myself that I’m a failure because I don’t have a house of my own, or a thriving career!!! I read this one woman’s blog daily…yes daily. I get so discouraged with myself because I can’t even put up a blog weekly, sometimes I only blog once a month. I tell myself I’m not cut out for this blogging. The truth is I compare myself to everything I come in contact with. The way I look, walk, talk, act, live…nothing is good enough…until someone tells me it is via a compliment. I know what you’re thinking, that there is something very wrong with me and I couldn’t agree more. I finally saw today, God showed me that I don’t need to compare anything in my life to anything or anyone else. My walk is mine alone, this is my journey, I am exactly where I’m supposed to be. I don’t need the approval of others to tell me whether I’m doing it right. We are all incredibly different so what might work for me might not work for you. Where I am weak you might be strong. Your battles and my battles are completely different. I now know that my worth comes from God and not the approval of man.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying don’t ask for help, there is a big difference between asking for help and comparing. I’m saying you need to realize that God created you to stand out, not fit in!


So yes, I’m not going to every church service possible, but I’m still going, I’m still praying to God daily and I spend time in God’s word daily too. My circumstances sometimes don’t allow me to get to church but maybe yours does. Don’t give up!


So yes, I don’t blog daily like the woman whose blogs I read, but I do blog when inspiration strikes, when God talks to me, I won’t allow myself to give up!


So yes, I don’t have a house of my own and a super successful career, but I do have a roof over my head that I call home and I am successfully putting my children’s needs above my own to make sure they have a successful future. I have a family that I love so much and I know they love me too. I can’t give up!


I need to remind myself that I’m doing the best I can with what I have and there is no need to compare my life to anyone else’s. Giving up is not an option!


Here is where I want to encourage you.

Stop comparing yourself to others. You are so incredibly special and unique, you need to do you the best you can. As long as you are spending time with Christ daily and building a deeper relationship, you’re on the right path. Maybe you can’t sing like that worship leader and that’s ok, neither can I! That doesn’t stop me from singing in the shower or worshipping my heart out and it shouldn’t stop you either!


Maybe you’re not happy in your career and your neighbour’s career is booming. You have a job and you are exactly where you need to be in this season of your life. There is value in that!


Maybe you don’t think you’re beautiful or handsome enough. Sweetheart the world’s perception of beauty is very different to God’s perception of beauty. You are God’s masterpiece. There is no one like you…embrace it. Embrace the life you were given.


Final word from me. The grass isn’t greener on the other side, the grass is greener where you water it.

Stop comparing your grass to your neighbours!!! You are gold standard… Believe It!!!