Last week my family plus people who I consider family went fishing. We had such a ball on the first day, my best friend and I were catching fish like no one’s business (to be totally honest-more my best friend than I). My husbands best friend is quite the pro at fishing, he is very confident in what he does and is super clued up when it comes to all the nitty gritty things of fishing. The second day we were there, my hubby’s best friend had to leave us for the morning and most of the afternoon due to a commitment he had, so we were left on our own to fish. It was all good until the place started to fill up with Pro fisherman for a fishing competition. We had pro fishers on our left and we had pro fishers on our right, they were everywhere with their pro equipment and their pro everything actually. I’m not going to lie; the pressure was on. We really felt intimidated especially because “our pro fisherman” had now left us…

So instead of carrying on with our fishing, my friend and I decided to make a fire and do some cleaning which took us most of the morning I might add [insert can’t look emoji here]. My hubby baited some rods up; but soon gave up because the fish weren’t biting. Meanwhile to our left and right these guys were pulling in fish…well…like pro’s.  I’m going to be honest, we are not really good at fishing but we tried when my hubby’s best friend was there and he made us feel very confident in what we were doing, but when he left, doubt set in…all of a sudden we were not good enough and because we weren’t catching fish like the others we just decided to stop all together. Suddenly, the grass was greener on the pro fisherman’s side. We compared ourselves to the other fisherman and because we weren’t meeting their high standards we automatically assumed that we sucked at this and we should just give up…

As the day progressed my hubby’s best friend got back, and he had such a look of disappointment on his face when we told him we didn’t catch anything, mostly because we didn’t try… He immediately baited up the rods and casted them out, it took quite some time for the fish to bite but he just kept on baiting up and casting. Eventually they caught a fish, my spirits were down so I didn’t even try and give it another shot.

My point is, why do we compare ourselves to others? We are all at a different place in this walk of life, not one is better than the other, so why would we want to compare ourselves to other people. Yes, we are not pro fisherman…but boy did we have so much fun the first day fishing, the second day we were all moody and full of nonsense that we robbed ourselves of having a good time. In Genesis it tells up we are created in the image of God…that makes each and everyone of us something special.


So here is where I want to encourage you.

Stop with all the comparisons. Realize what you have right in front of you right now. You have so much to be grateful for in your life. Stop doubting yourself and what you are capable of. Can I encourage you to climb out of your comfort zone and live a little? There’s a quote that says, “Comfort Zone: A Beautiful Place, But Nothing Ever Grows There”.

Just because you are not a pro fisher…doesn’t mean you should give up fishing for good…be grateful you can go on fishing trips with people you love and care about…you’re making memories.

Be grateful for where you are on your journey in life…God is with you and He is teaching you something, all you need to do is Simply Recognize the obstacles opportunities He has put in your path.