I remember when I was much younger, I had just started a job, after having my son. One of the things I wanted to accomplish was to get my drivers license. I went and wrote my learners license, quite a few times I must admit…Unashamedly!!! The first time I wrote my learners license I failed, I decided not to give up and I wrote it again a couple of months later, again I failed. I was so discouraged. I knew it was my nerves that played against me. I decided to write it again and this time I passed. I told myself that I needed to make plans now to start driving even though I had a year before my learners expired. So, I started driving lessons with a very patient old man. A couple of months later my hubby and I got into an accident with my son, who was really small at that time. I decided that day that I was scared to drive. So, I cancelled my driving lessons so that I could ‘process’ what had happened with the accident. Months went by and when I looked again my drivers license was expired. So, I gave up, I remember telling myself that I was not meant to drive and that I should stick to walking because I was good at it.

I walked everywhere, man I was determined. I used to walk with my son in his pram to go and do my monthly grocery shopping and then walk all the way home again, bags and all. On one occasion, I remember getting home and my fingers where cut open from the plastic bags. I was so determined and steadfast to walk and do things my way that it didn’t even bother me. Every time someone in my family or one of my friends or work colleagues brought up my learners license I would brush it off, completely.

I remember my husband telling me that I just need to do it. So, I plucked up the courage and I wrote my learners license again, it was about six years after my last learners had expired. So, I went and I wrote and I…failed…again!!! What was wrong with me? I immediately made another booking on the day I failed and I got a booking quick, however on the day I was to write my learners again I was deadly sick, I felt like not even pitching up, I mean I could barely even concentrate, but instead I prayed to God and I asked him to help me get through this day and pass. I went, I wrote and…. thank the Lord I passed. I felt a huge relieve lift off my shoulders, but only to be replaced with the burden of now getting my drivers license. Something I was deadly afraid to do.

I waited a month or two before I told myself I got to do this, but I had an excuse for every time I tried to motivate myself. One day, my now sister in law, came up to me and told me that we were going to learn how to drive. I went with her and I will be honest, I was deadly afraid of driving. When we returned home, she told all my family that I was doing good, I remember looking at her like she was crazy, there was no way, ever, that I was doing good… at all!!! She sparked a conversation that day that lasted months. My husband told me that I must practice and that I didn’t need to stress because driving would come natural for me. My dad told me that driving would just be an extension of my own body, I would do it without even knowing how I was doing it. My mom told me that if she could get her drivers there was no chance that I wouldn’t be able to get my drivers. Each person saw potential in me that I didn’t see. I didn’t think I had it in me. Until one day, I woke up, I decided and I did!!!

This day I called a professional driving instructor, he taught me everything I needed to know with only a couple of lessons. One of my very patient friends, helped me drive and practice every day, I became her chauffeur, literally. Within a month a had a date and this time I was determined. I had all my family encouraging me and telling me that they just knew that I would be able to do this.  On the day I did my driver’s test I was more nervous than the day I got married; and that’s saying a lot. However, I went, I took the test and by the grace of God, I passed. First time, no problem at all. The relief I felt, well I really can’t even explain it.


So why am I telling you this story. Well I do have a point, I promise.

Each of us faces challenges and struggles daily. Maybe you are so stuck, just as I was in my loop of failure. Maybe you are ready to give up and just call it quits. Maybe you are so tired of hearing people telling you that “you can do this”, or “you got this”.

You see, sometimes our loved ones and friends and those we confide in can see something in us that we don’t see. We don’t see it because of fear and doubt. It clouds our vision. It makes us blind to the all the endless possibilities. We are so quick to doubt ourselves its scary.

The “I just can’t do it” and the “its impossible”, is so much easier than seeing our potential and taking responsibility for our future.

You can choose to be stuck forever in your little comfort zone. You can choose to give up before you even start, let me tell you, it might be comfortable in the beginning, but you will never be happy. You will regret it one day, not maybe… but definitely.

So rather choose to take that leap of faith. Listen to the encouragement you get from your loved ones. Most importantly, pray. God loves you so very much. I know it’s scary, trust me on this, but the only way you will ever be happy is to climb out of your box, that’s so snug and comfy, take the leap and trust that God has a plan for your life.

Maybe you are saying, “But Allison, I’m out my comfort zone, I have no regrets, I took the leap of faith”, well I am happy for you, now use what you learnt in your process of leaving your comfort zone and help someone else. You may be the person who changes someone’s whole life around completely.  I know it’s easier not to get involved and to live the rest of your life out living happily ever after, but everyone deserves a happily ever after, so pray and get out there, help someone!!! By the end of helping someone you both would have grown, God can and will teach you something, both of you. It would have also been easier for Jesus not to die on the cross for you and me… think about that!


To that struggling soul, who just feels like giving up…hang in there, pray and pray and pray and take the leap of faith, God has you, you are His child. I would never tell my child to jump off something tall and just stand there and watch him fall, the love I have for my children is nothing compared to how much God loves you, He did give His ONLY Son to die on the cross for you and for me!!!