We have just come to the end of our school holidays, I remember at the beginning the kids and I had decided on a few things we wanted to accomplish these school holidays, you know…fun stuff! However, my darling husband decided that over these school holidays that he was going to renovate our bedroom, we have been putting it off for a very long time now for obvious reasons; like it being chaotic and a lot of work. Anyway, we sorted out all our clutter (a little known fact about me, I’m a hoarder, I’m not proud of it but I am who I am!) My husband on the other hand is the exact opposite of a hoarder, so this part of the organising was fun!!!
Once we decluttered and I chucked out all the unnecessary stuff, to my husband’s delight I might add, we boxed up all our stuff and carted it off to the kid’s room. Then my bed was moved out of my comfort zone and also placed in the kid’s room. Yes, we had to share a room with the kids, it was like we had a sleepover with the kids, they loved it, I, on the other hand, was not too pleased, but it is what it is…

Then the fun began, my husband had already bought the paints and all necessary equipment needed to strip and scrape and tape and sand and I could go on!!! We got to the part where we were scraping all the loose paint we could come across when I made a bit of an oopsie; I persisted a little too much on one small flaw and bam, we had a major hole, like one too big to be poly filled. My husband’s face, he was not impressed with my oopsie. I decided to leave him to it for a while so as to not add fuel to the fire and I went and lay in my bed sulking because he was now a little frustrated with me. About half an hour later my darling husband came and fetched me to make sure I was fine and to show me what I started… the lovely little hole that I had started had now turned into about a meter wide and about one and a half meters long. We decided to call it a night.

The next morning after my hubby went off to work I decided that I would carry on with what I started because I had now made extra work for my sweetheart. So I got hold of the wall and I spent a very good part of my day scraping. I scraped the entire wall down to the plaster. Let me tell you what I discovered whilst I was plastering; I had found layers and layers of different colours of paint, probably going back to when the house was first built. I was fascinated and it was here where God spoke to me.

Sometimes we put off the required renovating in order for change and growth. Over the years we plaster on layers over our old layers, different nonsense, we just keep covering it up with another layer here and another layer there instead of fixing the root of the problem. This can be with a relationship, with temptation you battle with. With your flaws, with absolutely any challenge you face. What we actually need to do is let God take over, ask Him for help, ask Him to help us to change, ask Him for strength and guidance, ask Him to get rid of all the ugliness we have been hiding and covering up all these years. God is going to scrape and it’s going to be uncomfortable, He is going to sand which I might add is also not a pleasant thing to do and then when you’re sitting there all raw and vulnerable, what the world might call ugly and not pleasing to the eyes, God is going to prime us, add our basecoats, one, two, maybe even three coats and then He will place the one beautiful colour that makes it all worthwhile. You’re gonna have to spend a significant amount of time waiting for these new layers to dry and patiently wait for God to add another when the time is right and when all the waiting and uncomfortable renovating is done, you’re going to be left with a bright and beautiful layer to decorate with whatever God lays on your heart. All those old ugly layers that have been bundling up over all the years will now be gone, all is forgiven when you give yourself over completely to God to work in your life. All those uncomfortable and painful moments stripped away will so be worth it when you see the final product.

Here is where I want to encourage you…

Don’t put things off because it might get chaotic and messy fixing it, even if it’s a lot of hard work!
Don’t hoard all those things that just weigh you down, let God help you declutter your life!
You’re gonna have to get out of your comfort zone for some real change to happen!
Last but not least, when you think you made an oopsie, just give it over to God and let Him do what He does best and you won’t regret the end results!