Lately I have been so out of it. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but I haven’t blogged for quite some time now. The last time I posted a blog was on the 30th July 2018. That’s a whole month ago. I even forgot about my Facebook page during this month.

Sometimes I find myself wondering why I even bother to blog, am I making a difference out there at all? So, I have been quiet, very quiet…thinking. I’d like to add that, thinking is a huge problem for me because I’m a wonderer. You’re probably thinking that that is not a problem, but I’m telling you it is for me. My mind can wonder to hundreds of different places, sometimes I battle to sleep because of my wondering. However, this month I feel like God has calmed my mind down, completely! I feel that all this has happened for a reason though because I feel like I can see clearly again, like I can think clearly again.

During the month of August, I have tried my best to focus on God, my devotions. I’m not going to lie, but I have barely prayed to God this month and I know how bad that is. I have had my odd day when I have prayed and I can tell you that those days have gone so smoothly. The days where I haven’t spoken to my Father were rough and it’s my own fault. Also, during this month I have really plugged into church and here is where I have found my inspiration to blog again. As I was going through all my notes that I had taken during the sermons at church, I found a message to me, that I had written over five weeks, without even realizing it. Each week it was a simple reminder to me, but now that I have put them together, it’s like I have completed a puzzle.


Here is where God has spoken to me.


It is more blessed to give than receive.

I’m sure you have heard this many a time in your life, either quoted by someone in Acts 20:35, or someone has said it to you or you’ve told someone this yourself. Unfortunately, we live in a greedy world, where people just want, want, want all the time and there’s a huge entitlement issue in this country and this world. It’s like we are living in a backwards world where people think it is better to receive than give.

Several weeks ago, I was given the task at throwing my sister-in-law’s baby shower. At first, I was over the moon about it but the more planning and work I put into it I started to realize that this was going to be a much harder task than I anticipated. I must have strategized this baby shower over and over again to see where and what I could cut down on.

I realized that I couldn’t afford everything so I was going to have to make everything. My heart was bitter at first but I can tell you now that God provided everything we needed for this baby shower without putting any financial strain on us. On the day of the baby shower I was very emotional when setting up because I saw how everything had just ‘miraculously’ come together. My heart was touched so deeply because I knew this was an opportunity to bless my brother and my sister-in-law and glorify Gods name at the same time. Seeing the amount of love and blessings she was showered with was truly remarkable and I saw God’s hand in everything. It is truly more blessed to give than receive.

So, I want you to try this, for the month of September and see how your life changes. I want you to bless others, this doesn’t just mean financially. There are many ways to bless another. We collect plastic bottles and boxes for an old lady that collects them to support herself and her family, we always make sure we can give her a huge bag of plastics and whatever food I can get my hands on. By helping her, she can get her bottles without digging through our rubbish and fill her huge trolley. I want to tell you that I have since noticed two other people in our street helping her too. We have simply just used our rubbish to glorify Gods name and bless another, what can you use?


I just want to leave you with this, when you get the chance to bless someone, do it with all your heart, don’t hold back, God sees what you’re doing and he knows the heart you do it with. Glorify the name of Jesus and see how your life will change, you might not notice it right away, but if you’re consistent, when you look back you will see how God has worked in your life.


Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks as I reveal with each new blog I post the message I unknowingly wrote to myself.