I attended a meeting about enthusiasm yesterday that got me thinking. Our team leader said that we should be enthusiastic when serving others. This has been on my heart for quite some time now. For me personally, November and December is a draining time, my heart gets so heavy and I get tired of people. I thought that when the festive season was over, the heaviness would subside, yet I was still mentally exhausted. I did what I was supposed to do, with a smile on my face, but inside I wanted to be as far away from everyone as possible. It saddens me now to think back knowing how ugly my heart was, but the truth is, I was just exhausted and I had no enthusiasm.


Its ok, my little story gets better. I remember sitting in church this one morning and God showed me something so beautiful. I want you to visualize everything I’m about to write, I want you to see what I see so that you can feel what I feel. Your perspective on life will change.


I want you to imagine that you are really tired but you are on duty at church in whatever ministry you serve in. I want you to imagine helping someone who’s just come to church for the very first time. They will see that you are not helping them with all that you can, that you are tired and don’t really feel like being there, people pick up on emotions, it shows in your face, your actions and in the way that you speak. Chances are that person won’t come back to church and if they do, the will probably follow the same example you set as a Christian.


Now I want you to imagine this same scenario, except I want you to picture the person you are serving as Jesus himself. Matthew 25 vs 40 says “…truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” If only we could see Jesus standing in front of us when serving others, how differently would we serve?


If only we could see Jesus at the till point at Pick n Pay… how differently would we treat the cashier?

If only we could see Jesus in the hot car park watching our cars…how differently would we tip the car guard?

If only we could see Jesus at the petrol station washing our windscreen…how would we speak to the petrol attendant?

If only we could see Jesus at the robot begging for money or food…would we roll the window up or down?

If only we could see Jesus at the printer in our office battling a paper jam…would we help or make a scene?

If only we could see Jesus struggling to cross a busy road with fragile legs…would we help Him cross or would we blow our hooters to hurry Him up?

If only we could visit Jesus in old age homes…would we visit at all?

If only we could sit next to Jesus in a hospital bed…would we pray with Him?

If only we could prepare a meal for Jesus after a long day of work…would we prepare it with all our heart?

If only we could wipe the tears away from Jesus’ face after a break up, after a death, after losing a job…would we show compassion?

If only we could see Jesus sitting on the pavements in the hot sun looking for work…would we even just greet or acknowledge Him?

If only we could see Jesus…

If only we could open our eyes and really look!


Let me tell you something really incredible…If we could see Jesus in every person we faced and served them as if they were Jesus themselves, I’m pretty sure that the person looking back at us would see Jesus!