Have you ever been stuck in a rut? One of those…oh well, lets just carry on with whatever and do whatever because, like whatever…kind of ruts. A rut can be such a draining thing…a life draining, relationship draining, friendship draining thing.

If you look at the word rut in the dictionary it says:

A habit or pattern of behaviour that has become dull and unproductive but is hard to change. Boring routine, humdrum existence, routine job, same old round, groove, grind, daily grind, treadmill, dead end, assembly line.


If I am being honest with you, which I am, I get into a rut quite often, at least once a month. I get in a rut when I do things without Jesus.

Here’s a typical example of my rut day:

Wake up, feed husband, send husband to work, feed kids, dress kids, brush teeth, fight with kids to brush teeth, clean house, do school work with kids, do admin work, do my work, bath kids, bath, cook supper, eat supper, put kids to bed, sleep…. wake up and repeat.

You’re probably thinking, “hey this is not a rut, its your daily routine, things you have to do”, well yes you are right, but when I’m stuck in a rut, I hate doing all those things, I’m miserable, I walk around like I’m sucking a lemon the whole day…worst of all, my kids see it. I literally suck them into the rut with me. Even as I type this, I’m beginning to feel….blegh!!!

Now here is a typical day of starting the day with Jesus, walking with Jesus, making Jesus my number one:

Wake up(Thank you God I woke up today), feed husband(he gets awesome breakfasts on these days), feed kids(they also get awesome breakfasts and we eat together), send husband to work(he gets an awesome lunch too- packed in his lunch bag with a whole bunch of awesome things), dress kids (I’m so amped for this day I encourage them to dress themselves, I love the combinations they come up with)..what I’m trying to say is that everything runs smoothly, no nagging or fighting, the kids actually want to do all their chores and school.


In this case my rut is my attitude, if I have a bad attitude when I start my day you can bet your horses its gonna be one of those days, but if I wake up with a grateful heart, do my devotions and pray, pray, pray…well my day is productive, my kids are happy and life is great. I actually get things done and best of all I get creative with my kids and we spend so much more time together, we do fun things together, we actually make memories together.


Chores become a massive worship experience, we pump our songs and God literally gives us the strength to get things done.

Work becomes a massive worship experience, we play our music and God literally gives us strength to get through school work, efficiently and well, we just have a blast doing it!

Basically, anything and everything we do becomes a massive worship experience, whether we have worship playing or not, we just put God first and he literally helps us through our day.

On my typical rut day, I can abandon all the good things that I’m supposed to do and just do nothing, feel sorry for myself because I’m tired, I have so much work to do, my life is stressful…I will physically just sit around and do nothing. Waste a perfect day being alive. Watch a movie because I can’t remember when last I actually got to watch a movie. Boo-hoo, movies waste your time, I’m not saying movies are bad, I’m saying there is a time and place for that, if you’re using movies as an excuse to get out of something, you’re wasting precious time.

Precious time with your children…Don’t look back however many years from now and think I wished I had spent more time with them.

Precious time with your family…not only are your kids growing old, your parents are too, don’t live your life with regret.

Precious time with your spouse…be honest, with the hustle and bustle of life, how much quality time do you get to spend together? A kiss before you both crash into bed if you’re lucky?

Most importantly, precious time with God, God knew you before you were conceived, I think God deserves, I know God deserves more than a thirty second prayer when you’re in trouble or need something.

So, whatever your rut may be, get out of it, stop wasting precious time, live a life that when you look back one day you will say thank you God for this blessing of a life I have lived, not- I wish I had spent a little more time doing… [insert whatever here…]