Several weeks ago my family and I went on holiday. My husband and I discussed why we were so excited about this holiday and what we would accomplish. I remember when arriving I specifically told my husband that we would not complain about anything, no matter what happened. We were not to be negative about anything at all. We were going to speak only positive. Do you want to know how long that lasted? Maybe about an hour…if that. It’s not like we were planning to be negative. Generally we are both positive most of the time. Instead of addressing the situation then and there I just went on with it. Quite a few times I tried to change the subject to be more positive but within minutes everything would go south again. So I tried to keep quiet during our conversations to see if it would help, but again I fell into the pit of negativity.

Let’s just get something straight, it’s not like we were complaining about everything. Let me give you an example of our conversations.

Our complaints went from how incredibly hot it was, to how I never want to walk on the beach again because of how the sea sand gets into everything(I’ve got a five year old daughter and the places I found sand; we shall not speak of). My husband and I had bunny chows and they were amazing but we complained about how hot they were. When we drove out further to explore we would complain at how far it was to drive.

The amount of times I said that I needed a holiday whilst I was on holiday because of how my kids were driving me nuts; is unexplainable. Actually I have heard my daughter say the exact same thing about several times already this week.

Most of this happened without me even noticing, I did it like it was nothing out of the norm. I forgot to be grateful.

When I sat back and reflected upon our holiday and our life in general, I felt awful, I thought there was something horribly wrong with my family. So I decided to do a little experiment. I started to actually listen properly in all the conversations I was involved in. Let me tell you that every single person that I spoke to, spoke of the negative way before considering the positive. I realised that it’s not just my family and I, everyone does it. I realized that its human tendency to see the negative before considering the positive. I realized that most conversations thrive on complaints; negative conversations can go on for hours, but have a positive conversation and see how short lived it actually is.

I want you to try something. I want you to pay attention to the conversations you partake in, just listen intently and you will see how most conversations start with a complaint and if they start off good, you will see how quickly they end up in doom and gloom.

I also want to challenge you to see the positive in every situation. I want to challenge you to think before you speak. I want to challenge you to challenge those around you to think more positively and to speak it too. I want to challenge you to not complain once for twenty four hours and you will see how your life will change.

If it’s too hot, instead of complaining about it rather say ‘well at least it’s not -40 degrees Celsius’.

If you’re tired and stressed out, instead of complaining find a way to be grateful.

If you’re under immense pressure at work and it’s too much, be grateful that you still have a job.

If your feet are sore, think of how lucky you are to still be able to walk.

If your car is heavy on petrol, at least you have a car to get from point A to B.

How much different would your life be if you decided to stop complaining and seeing the negative in everything?

How much different would your family be if you spread positivity and not negativity?

How much different would your day be at work if you decided that no matter what, you would be positive?

Spread positivity like it’s the only thing you know and see how your world will change.

When Jesus fed the five thousand, he didn’t complain about how tired he was and about how many people there were or that he had no food.

When people were flocking to see Jesus he didn’t complain about how he never got a break.

When Jesus died on the cross for you and for me he never complained that we were not worth it or that it was too painful or too much to bear, He cried out to Our Father, got His strength from God and did what needed to be done.

Can you imagine the conversation after Jesus arose from the dead and spoke to the disciples “wow guys that was way too much for me to handle, never again, have you seen the holes in my hands and feet? So not worth it.”

I’m going to leave you with this…Be positive, be grateful.

Be more like Jesus!!!