“Mommy, can we please bake cupcakes today?” a question I get from my kids quite often during each month. My answer is usually, no not today but definitely sometime this week, as soon as mommy gets a chance to. The amount of times we actually bake a month…zero! Empty words.


I get many requests from my kids daily; like can we play hide-and-seek, or is it possible for you to come and play outside, or can we please watch a movie together…90% of the time my answer is the same; no, not today, but definitely sometime this week. Empty words.


So for the past several months years, I have been promising my daughter that I was going to build her a dollhouse…from scratch! Since I am terrible at woodwork, I have asked a few people to help me over the years but every time there is an excuse…quite similar to mine! Empty words.


Yesterday I attempted to just give it a shot and make the dollhouse by myself, no experience and no clue as to what I was doing…but I had some spare wood and a glue gun, so what could go wrong?


Let me tell you it was a complete disaster! I sat the majority of my day gluing and hammering and painting and the dollhouse was a disaster. But you want to know something priceless? My daughter told me it’s the best dollhouse ever and that it doesn’t matter what it looks like because she knows I made it with all my heart and all my love so she loves it more than anything…that’s coming from a seven year old. My seven year old unknowingly taught me a life lesson yesterday and I’m hoping I can help you too.


So firstly I want to put this out, if you say you are going to do something, do it…keep to your word… Whatever you said you were going to do may not turn out perfect but at least people will know that you tried and that they can trust you.


Secondly if you don’t intend on keeping your word, don’t make any statements or promises…as Christians we are supposed to be different…not like everyone else, not like those of the world. How will people know we are Christians if we are not different?


There are countless verses in the bible where Jesus said He would heal someone and you know what, He actually did it, he wasn’t all talk and no action.


I know someone who is struggling with an addiction. This person has made so many promises to slow down and to try and stop. They have set rules for themselves only to break them. What they don’t understand is that they are hurting the people that they love with all their empty words.


We need to realize that the more we break our promises the more people lose faith in us!


Sometimes we don’t keep our word because of fear, what if it doesn’t turn out right, what if I’m not strong enough, what if I don’t find the time? I want to ask you, what if it does turn out right, what if you are strong enough, what if you make the time? Life becomes so much clearer when you start asking the right questions.


I read an article that a good friend of mine wrote today, he was speaking about addiction and having people hold you accountable. It makes so much sense to have someone hold you accountable, without that we go around wrecking ourselves and those we love. (I keep thinking of all the times I have hurt and disappointed my children by not keeping my word).


I think that keeping your word and commitment go hand in hand. You need to make a commitment to intentionally keep your word even when it isn’t easy.


This morning my kids and I did a devotional together and it lead to a much greater discussion. We were talking about choices and making right and wrong decisions, my son said it was hard to always make the right choice but it is worth it after all.

He is so right, it is hard to say no, I’m not going to fall prey, or no to that glass of wine if you struggle with alcohol, no to playing on your phone and yes to doing something constructive with your life. Yes to building the dollhouse and then intentionally building it (even if it is a complete disaster). Yes to going to church even if you really don’t feel like it. Yes to waking up an hour early to do your devotionals. Yes to praying regularly.


I think we need to trust God more and have a little faith!


So, I’m going to be an intentional Christian. If I know that I won’t have a chance to bake cupcakes this week, I’m intentionally going to say no to my kids, I’m not going to give them some more empty words and excuses. I’m going to intentionally pray for those who ask me to pray for them. I’m going to intentionally keep to my commitments that I have made to God! I’m going to intentionally choose to make the right choice and I’m going to intentionally choose to not hurt those around me with my empty words.


How about you? Think about your life and all the empty words you use daily. Be it with God, your spouse, your kids, your family, your boyfriend/girlfriend, fiancé, work colleague, boss…

How can you be an intentional Christian this week/month/year/the rest of your life?


I am going to leave you with this quote by Wayne Dyer, “Our intention creates our reality.”


P.s the photo at the top of this blog is the actual dollhouse I built, I’m not embarrassed to show you all…here’s me being real with you! Besides…my daughter loves it!!!