So it’s almost Christmas and unlike last Christmas; I’m actually feeling the Christmas spirit this year. My fingers are stained red and green, my feet are throbbing and we won’t speak about my back right now. Last Christmas I put up the Christmas tree and wrapped a lot of presents. On Christmas day, we opened gifts, ate ourselves into a ‘food coma’ and spent “some” time together as a family. I put very little time and effort into Christmas last year and it’s because I wasn’t feeling the Christmas spirit at all. When I shared my lack of spirit with family and friends I was told it’s because I’m getting older now and Christmas is for the children. This year is different…

Quick question…Why do you and your family celebrate Christmas? Is it for the lavish and expensive gifts you give to each other? Is it for the cooking contest you put on for family and friends? That’s what it used to be for me… Very sad…I know.

A few months ago I just changed, something changed inside me, I still don’t know how and what it is that changed me, but I am different. I was doing my devotionals like I normally do and I came to a realization as to what Christmas truly is about. God sent His One and Only Son, in the most fragile and vulnerable way to Earth, to save us.

I speak for myself and I’m sure for my family and friends too…we’ve lost touch with what’s important. So this year I’m trying to go above and beyond and really spend Christmas with only Jesus in mind. It’s Jesus’ birthday and on birthdays we celebrate that person’s day and make them feel special in every way possible. Why wouldn’t we do the same for Jesus? I’m not saying don’t give gifts, God gave His Son as a gift for us, I’m saying give gifts that are meaningful. I’m not saying don’t eat a big lunch, I’m saying invite a homeless person to have lunch with you. Instead of packing all the leftovers away into your refrigerator, put it in takeaway boxes and give it to someone in need. I’m saying support a NPO. I’m saying SPEND TIME TOGETHER, as a family, play games, tell jokes, READ ABOUT JESUS’ BIRTH, share communion together. Do what you think is important and not what the world says is important.

Why don’t you go the extra mile this Christmas and make your own sentimental gifts for your loved ones? Why don’t you wake up earlier and make a special breakfast before anyone wakes up to surprise your family? Why don’t you decorate your entire living room as if you were throwing a party for Jesus? What happened to sending Christmas cards and phoning your family on Christmas? So what if you’re exhausted on Christmas day and your feet and back hurt- it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make and I hope you ae too. Remember…Jesus, baby Jesus was born to die on the cross for you and for me…that’s sacrifice!!

Like I said earlier, I was told that Christmas was for children and I don’t feel the Christmas spirit because I’m getting older. Nonsense, I didn’t feel the Christmas spirit because I chose not to, because I forgot what Christmas was all about and why we celebrate it. Jesus didn’t come just for the children and the young generation. He came for all of us. For you, for me, for the homeless person, for the atheist, for the Muslims. For all of humankind.

So how about we give the gift of love this year? How about we pray for our families? How about we do what Jesus would do?

I want to leave you with these four thoughts…

  1. What would Jesus do?
  2. Remember the true meaning of Christmas.
  3. Presence over presents.
  4. Go the extra mile in everything you do.

I pray that whoever reads this blog will be filled with the Holy Spirit and that you will spread the love of Jesus everywhere you go to and with everybody you meet.

Blessings to you all.

P.S if you haven’t seen this video yet, watch it now and thank me later. 

P.P.S Please share this blog with all your family and friends and ask them to share it so we can reach as many people as possible for Jesus.