Today I’m sharing something that is really close to my heart. Year after year I have fallen prey to the dreaded question-What’s your New Year’s Resolution?

For years I would say something cliché like I’m going to stop drinking this year or I’m going to lose at least 10 kg’s [insert ‘can’t look emoji face’ here]. Over the past few weeks I have been asking myself this question, what’s my New Year’s Resolution going to be?

I have decided that I will no longer fall into the category of answering this question and here’s why…

For me-a New Year’s resolution is just an answer to a question that people like asking this time of the year; plain and simple. “Hey Bob, what’s your New Year’s Resolution this year?” “Oh you know-I’m going to start going to gym and I’m going to lose this excess weight.”  I’m not saying don’t try and get healthy, I’m saying why wait until tomorrow? If you want to stop smoking, why wait until tomorrow? If you want to slow down on the alcohol, why wait until tomorrow? What makes tomorrow any different? Just because it’s the first day of the year, doesn’t mean something supernatural is going to happen that will give you super powers to quit smoking or lose weight; you have the power to do that and you alone; you don’t need to wait.

From today, I would like to encourage you to spend more time with your family instead of wasting time watching TV or being on your cell phone. I would like to encourage you to wake up a little earlier and take in the small things we all sleep away in the mornings…it’s quite refreshing. I want to encourage you to make a memory jar and write down all the memories you make day-to-day, add in photos of trips away or time spent together, add in little memorabilia’s of things you collect at places you visit. Next year for Christmas or New Year’s Eve open you jar and remember what a beautiful year it was and be grateful for each and every thing you accomplished.

Make memories instead of New Year’s resolutions. If you want to lose weight, start running with your partner, it’s actually quite fun. I remember a couple of years ago my husband and I decided to take a run to our local Spar, it was a couple of blocks out, not too far; we had so much fun running there and I think I laughed more than anything at the small insignificant things we take for granted. You want to lose weight, ask your partner to join you at eating healthier, I always get a kick out of watching my husband eat baby marrows (small and insignificant memory right there). Make memories instead of Resolutions.

This year for Christmas I made my brothers a ‘do you remember’ jar. I have got over 24 years of memories that I share with my brothers. Whilst making the jar I sat in tears typing out all the good times we shared. It completely made my day remembering all the fun we had growing up together. What made my day more was when my one brother opened his gift and started reading out some of our memories, his face was priceless, and I will never forget the look he had, that will stay with me forever.

At the end of our lives, people will always remember the good times you spent with each other and the memories you made together not the answer to your News Years resolution question. Whatever is on your heart, do yourself a favour and start today because at exactly 01:26pm on December 31 2017, 89478 people have died already, dont wait for tomorrow…