I got really sad news this week of a neighbour who passed away. Upon hearing the situation my heart was broken. It was a very unfortunate situation where the husband took his own life after an altercation broke out between him and his wife. He left behind his very young son and his wife. Almost everyone’s first thought when hearing this, usually say, he was a coward and that he took the easy way out, that he was a monster, such a terrible father and husband, but I want to tell you different.

He was a son, a brother, a husband, a father, a cousin, an uncle and a friend. I used to see him walking his son home from school, they used to race to the gate to see who would get there first. Their yard was filled with laughter as he would always play with his son. Not once did I ever hear screaming or shouting. He was a good husband, he was an incredible father and I’m sure by the amount of people who came to pay their respect to his family, he was an exceptional man. So what went wrong? People say he did what he did because of financial difficulties, because he was unemployed; maybe that led to what happened but I believe he had no support. No one to help him through his difficulties! No one to listen to his fears and what he believed to be failures. No one to encourage him to try again and to not give up. No one for him to turn to. NO one to tell him how much Jesus loves him and that he died on the cross for him. We as Christians are failing our brothers and sisters daily. When last did you share the good news with a fellow brother and sister or are you too afraid to stand up for Jesus because of what others may think?

Maybe you are on the other side of this equation and you feel that you are all alone out there, I want you to know that you are not, I want to encourage you to talk to someone. Build you ‘go to’ squad. Talk your problems out with your partner as uncomfortable as it may be, but never ever give up. There’s a quote that says “What’s broken can be mended, what’s hurt can be healed and no matter how dark it gets, the sun is going to rise again.”

To those who feel like ‘you got this’, ‘you’re ready for whatever God puts in your path’, can I encourage you to think outside the box for a moment? Can I encourage you to be there for your fellow brothers and sisters? Can I encourage you to give more than you take? Can I encourage you to be an encourager? One ‘insignificant’ message in the morning to a friend could be a life changing moment. So often, when I’m feeling really down because I try to take on life’s battles by myself, I always get a random message from someone and it helps me more than words could ever express, it changes my whole attitude for the day and then I’m able to encourage others. Nine out of ten times, the people I encourage will tell me that they really needed to hear this today. Your one ‘not so insignificant’ message can change more than you can comprehend.


I’m going to leave you with this, just because someone is smiling and laughing and pretending their life is all cupcakes and rainbows, doesn’t mean that it is. Be kind to everyone you meet. Be gentle and patient. Care for your brothers and sisters, even if you don’t know them from a bar of soap. Lastly, help wherever you can. If you’re able to help someone get a job…do it. If you are lucky enough to have extra funds after you do your grocery shopping, buy someone else groceries. Helping doesn’t always mean giving financially, you could also just encourage someone through messages or a phone call. A simple hug can mean more to someone who is hurting than you will ever know. Most importantly…PRAY!!!