What’s Christmas to you? Like why do you celebrate Christmas? Is it just another public holiday that you can chill with the family and party? Is it a reason to spend the money that you don’t have, to buy gifts for people you don’t even like, to impress them? Is Christmas about status, who has the best Christmas lights up in your neighbourhood, whose tree is more beautifully decorated? Who has more gifts under their tree, you know…the more the merrier!!! Are you one of those people who go to church on Christmas and Easter, you know, you got to keep up the show!!!


Gosh, the more I think about what Christmas has become the more my heart hurts. I’m not judging anyone because I fall into one or more of those categories. I’ve got to remove the log out of my own eye, so I’m not too concerned about your splinter, but you should be!


A friend sent me a simple reminder a few weeks ago, I want to share it with you.

Christmas To-Do-List

buy presents…be present

wrap gifts…wrap someone in a hug

send gifts…send peace

shop for food…donate food.

see the lights…be the light.

My own personal favourites…

feast on food…feast on God’s word

share gifts…share God’s love


Can we all just get back to the basics? I mean, every year when I ask my mom what she wants for Christmas, the answer is always the same, She wants all her children with her, over the years it became, she wants all her children and grandchildren with her, its currently sitting at, she wants all her loved ones with her (her husband, her children, her children-in-law, her grandchildren, her children who are not her real children but they are still her children). You see, my mom grew up in an orphanage, without her family, so she knows what’s important and what’s not. She never asks for anything materialistic, she always asks for the important stuff. My mother will open her door to absolutely anyone on Christmas. She will stand for hours cooking to make sure everyone is happy and fed even though she suffers with terrible backache and not to mention her feet are always sore, but she will sacrifice everything for her family.


You know my mother always gets me thinking…I watch her all the time, we have hours and hours of meaningful conversations, she is such a blessing in my life, such a role model, such an inspiration, she is still teaching me life lessons even though I’m all grown up.


As I read through my blog now, tears are building in my eyes. If I could have a conversation with Jesus, I would ask Him what He wanted for Christmas, I’m 100% sure He would say He wants all His children with Him, all of us, the lost, the broken, the unbelievers, the sort of believers, the closet Christians, His children who follow different religions, every single one of us. You see God sent His only Son for us. Jesus grew up knowing what He had to do for each and every one of us. Jesus will open the door to absolutely anyone on any given day. Jesus hung for hours and hours just so that we could be with Him in heaven one day, talk about sacrifice. All we got to do is believe and love the Lord with all our hearts…if you can do those two things, everything else will follow.

You know, Jesus always sends people into my life to get me thinking. I should have hours and hours of conversations with Jesus because He gave me my life. Jesus is my role model, He is my inspiration and I’m so grateful He is still teaching me lessons in my life…even though I’m all grown up!


So let’s remember what’s really important this Christmas and every other Christmas to come. Forget all the nitty-gritty stuff. Forget all the family dramas, let you children see their grandparents. Go and see your parents. Give so much more than you receive. I’m not talking about the materialistic things, I’m talking about things you can’t wrap up and put under a tree. Lovelove as much as you can and whoever you can, I’m talking about real love, agape love…brotherly love. Be joyful in all situations, spread joy everywhere you go, proclaim the good news. Make peace with everyone in your life, there is no time for unforgiveness. Be patient in every aspect of your life…its ok if the little old lady is driving 30km/h in front of you, it’s really not the end of the world. Be patient with each other. Be kind to everyone you meet, a little kindness in this day and age goes a long way. Goodness…think before you do anything, there is a right way to handle things and there is a wrong way to handle things, always do right. Be gentle with people, not everyone walks the same path as you, life is different for each of us and a little bit of gentleness an understanding could mean the world to someone who is going through a rough time. Last but not least…self-control…be smart this Christmas…don’t overdo it, be it overspending on Christmas gifts or over indulging on Christmas lunch. By doing all the above you will glorify the name of Jesus and then Jesus can get what He wants for Christmas, His children…


One last thing from me, don’t take anything for granted…not only this Christmas, but like at all. Life is so precious and so short, this might be your last Christmas with the ones you love, that friend/colleague/ relative, today might be the last opportunity that you get to tell them about Jesus and His love…don’t waste one moment!