“You were in church on Sunday”, I say to myself after flipping someone off. All of a sudden my heart drops because I know what I did was wrong, no matter how I was feeling when that person cut me off in traffic.

[Posts something incredibly crude, but oh so funny], I should scoop up a few likes on that one, then realizes that I scooped up a few likes on yesterday’s bible verse.

I always talk about that song, ‘they will know we are CHRISTIANS by our love’, but how are we supposed to stand out as Christians if we are forever flipping people off in traffic, or throwing hissy fits in restaurants, or posting unbelievably rude things all over social media? How are we supposed to stand out as Christ followers if you are known for dropping people all the time, and if you are known to keep a great gossip session going? How are we supposed to stand out as Christ-Followers if we are supporting xenophobic attacks and racism?


You know some of these feeds on social media get intense, so intense and people say some of the most horrific things and then when you go into their profiles, you see their bio “child of Jesus” and they checked into their local church on Sunday…


Sitting at a family gathering and one of your family members have been pestering you for months to come to church and now all of a sudden they are drunk as hell and carrying on like complete idiots and you think to yourself, well if that’s what churchgoers are like, I don’t want to be like them.


You see, at one stage or another in my life I have been that person flipping people off in traffic, I have been that person who has posted incredibly crude things on social media, followed by a bible verse. I have been that person throwing a hissy fit at different locations because someone hasn’t behaved the way I expected them too. I have been the person who has had one too many glasses of wine and then checked in at church to teach Sunday school the following day. I have shouted at the ones I love and let people down on so many occasions. I have been a part of one too many gossip sessions. I’m not proud of what I have done in my past. I’m especially not proud of all the people I have let down by behaving poorly. Those people who thought I was a Christian.


What I’m trying to get at is, we are supposed to be ambassadors of Christ. We are supposed to lift up the name of Jesus, not drag it down with our pesky emotions and hasty decisions. We need to really slow down and think before we act or speak. We need to treat people the way Jesus treated people.

We need to be careful what we put up on social media, one day we are encouraging and preaching, then the very next day, there is a pic of some celebrities butt plastered on our page.


I cannot point any fingers at anyone because I have screwed up on so many occasions, but I can encourage you to think outside the box, to be different, to uphold the name of Jesus.

At church the other day, the Pastor said something so profound, that I have been thinking about it every day since I heard it. He asked us “what can you take with you to heaven one day?” everybody replied nothing, and then he said, “There is one thing you can take with you, souls…” Man did this get me thinking!!!


We need to be careful with our words.

We need to stop being closet Christians.

Church is not just on a Sunday, we are the church, which means its every day, how you behave at home should be how you behave on a Sunday.


We need to stop being two different people and just be one complete Christ-follower.

We need to be ambassadors for Christ!

Colossians 3:17 says, “and whatever you do or say, do it as a representative of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through him to God the Father.”

It doesn’t say …and whatever you do or say on a Sunday at church, do it as a representative of Christ, no it says whatever you do or say, everything you do or say!


I want to encourage you, if you have messed up in this area of your life, don’t be discouraged, start afresh! Don’t wait for tomorrow, start right now. Let’s lift up the name of Jesus and give Him the glory He so deserves.