Hi, my name is Allison and I am a Christ-follower. I have been married for over a decade to an incredible life changing man and I’m a momma bear to three beautiful, kind and caring children. I’m in my very early thirties (emphasis on very early). I stay in Gauteng, South Africa. I’m a stay at home mom trying to make a difference in this world. My hobbies include crafting, baking(when I’m in the mood), writing, painting and a little piano playing. All I want in this life is to spread love and kindness wherever I go. My main goal is to help you see with eyes full of love and to not jump to conclusions in situations that we encounter daily. What you read about in my blogs are my opinion only. I am not here to force my opinion on anyone. You are entitled to your own opinion too. I just want you to read my blogs with an open mind and heart, No negativity will be tolerated at all, like I said I’m here to spread love and kindness, so if you have something negative to say, I urge you to hold your tongue and take it to the Lord in prayer. I would love to hear from you so if you need to chat about anything here is my email address simplyrecognize@gmail.com and if you want to hear from me please leave your details here. I promise not to spam you and I promise to only encourage you. Thank you for taking time to read about me and what I have to offer you. Love and blessings. Allison